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"Transeuropean Promotion of Public-Private Partnership" is a programme executed as part of the European programme LEONARDO DA VINCI Transfer of Innovations (Lifelong Learning Programme). The project is aimed at accelerating the transfer of experience, skills and procedures utilised in PPP between units in the European Union and it will cover the construction sector.

Project partners:

PPP Centre (POLAND), Dublin Institute of Technology, Construction Management & Technology (IRELAND), Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering (POLAND), University of Minho (PORTUGAL)
Erbil Project Consulting Engineering Co. Ltd. (TURKEY), Chartered Institute Of Building (UNITED KINGDOM).

Target groups:

  • micro, small, medium and big construction companies,
  • financial institutions – banks, pension funds, insurance companies,
  • local and central governments dealing with Cohesion and Structural Funds as well as national budget funds (i.e. districts, poviats, ministries, governmental agencies),
  • private and public training organisations dealing with Continuous Professional Development courses, especially for construction sector and public sector,
  • technical and economical universities,
  • construction companies and investors in Poland, Portugal, Ireland, Turkey and the United Kingdom, interested in running projects and investing in the frames of PPP

The project is and answer to the needs present in all countries involved to create clear and unified procedures (standards of conduct) in completion of PPP projects and to transfer experience and knowledge from countries more developed in terms of PPP (the United Kingdom, Ireland and Portugal) to countries where PPP is only just developing (Poland, Turkey). There is a need to establish and develop a social dialogue between private investors, construction companies and public subjects – to create a platform facilitating the exchange of ideas, possibilities and knowledge between partners.

The project activities will cover mainly the execution of an analysis of procedures used in partner countries of the project and of experience acquired in utilisation thereof. Basing on the prepared comparison a didactic syllabus will be drawn up facilitating teaching and broadening of knowledge of public-private partnership in the construction sector, its idea, recommended methodology of activities and standards used in other European countries, leaders on the PPP market. For that purpose a group of experts and tutors will be appointed, and a an Internet website INCUBATOR PPP will be established, a platform facilitating educational activity. Simultaneously it will become a meeting point for the public partner, possessing knowledge on the subject of urgent social needs, and the private partner, possessing means allowing their realisation.


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